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Southern Door Families,


Attached you will find the coursebook for summer offerings for all grades (entering 4K-12).  The coursebook will also be translated into Spanish (that version will be shared with families soon).  Please review the courses being offered, paying special attention to the grade levels for each class.  Your child should register for classes in the grade they will enter next school year.  On the first two pages of the coursebook is important information AND the link to registration steps.  Please follow these steps/directions very carefully for each child you are registering - Please note: there may be some slight updates to the directions between today (March 30)  and tomorrow.  


Class requests will be open to parents within Infinite Campus on  Monday, April 3rd promptly at 5:00pm .  Several classes are set with a maximum number of students allowed, and requests are on a first come-first serve basis.  It will give you a message that a class is full, which means you will need to choose another class.  Registration through Infinite Campus will close on Friday, April 14th.  Please call our Elementary/Middle School office if you need to request courses after this date.


If you are a Southern Door School District resident, but do not have access to Infinite Campus due to attending a different school, please call our ES/MS office at 920-825-7321 for assistance with registering your child for summer school offerings.  You may also call this number with any other questions regarding summer school.


Thank you!

Rachel Schneider, Summer School Coordinator Grades 4K-5

Jody Nelson, Summer School Coordinator Grades 6-12

Posted by jmeacham On 31 March, 2023 at 7:11 AM