Curriculum and Assessment

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Southern Door School District gives notice of continued use of the Wisconsin Academic Standards to guide and inform instruction within our schools. Wisconsin Academic Standards specify what students should know and be able to do in the classroom. Wisconsin has academic standards for each of the separate content areas, spanning Pre-K through Grade 12. The standards, and detailed information, can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Academic Standards webpage.

School boards must identify the district's academic standards annually at their July meeting:

Section 120.12(13) of the state statutes requires each school board to include an item on the agenda of the first board meeting of each school year (i.e., in July) that clearly identifies the student academic standards that have been adopted by the board under section 118.30(1g)(a)1 of the state statutes and that will be in effect for the school year. The relevant statutes encompass the district's standards in mathematics, science, reading and writing, geography, and history. Section 120.12(13) also requires school boards to annually notify the parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school of the academic standards that will be in effect for the school year. This notice must be given prior to the
beginning of the school term. This notice may be provided electronically, including by posting the notice or a link to the specific academic standards on the school district's website.

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