Academics and Digital Learning

2020-21 School Year Updates

  • School Supplies:     Elementary School     Middle School      High School
  • Classroom Teachers: classroom teachers will be announced later this summer
  • Registration:  Online opens Wednesday, July 22, 2020. Families new to the district or those needing assistance, may contact their respective school office to schedule an appointment to register.
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Teaching and Learning

  • Grading and reporting of grades will return to the district’s traditional reporting schedule.
  • The district's Teaching and Learning teams will consult with professional organizations and work with their departments to determine best practice plans for their PreK-12 content areas within each building level, including options for hands-on classroom settings (lab experiences, projects, technical education, music, art, physical education, STEAM, etc.)
  • The school district will provide, to the greatest extent possible, the accommodations, instruction, and services for students who are English Learners (ISLPs), have Special Education services (IEPs), or have a 504 plan.
  • As much as is practicable, students will be provided individual sets of learning materials, instead of using classroom shared supplies. 
  • Students absent due to COVID-19 symptoms or quarantine will have remote access to the in-person instruction, if able to participate.
  • Field trips and gatherings will be limited and conditions monitored prior to final approval according to DHS identified risk areas.
Classroom Conditions
  • As of August 10, 2020, the Southern Door Board of Education passed a resolution that when the Governor's order has ended, that the district will still require the wearing of face coverings/masks by students, staff, and visitors at the school within specified areas and respecting approved exemptions.
  • As of August 1, 2020, an order requiring the wearing of face coverings/masks is in effect through the State of Wisconsin's Governor's order.
  • Staff will provide physical distancing, as much as possible, within classroom settings.
  • Plexiglass/acrylic barriers will be installed in identified high risk areas, such as offices, libraries, and where multiple students sit at tables/learning areas.
  • Traffic flow of students in hallways, on playground, and in library and cafeteria areas are modified.
  • Outdoor spaces will be utilized when possible and weather permits. 
  • Entrance and exits for students into various areas will be modified to reduce numbers in groups. 
  • Students will enter and exit through designated doors. PK-3 will use door #41, grades 4-8 will use doors #1 and #2;  high school will use door #11 in the morning, and high school students riding the bus, use door #5 in the afternoon.
  • The district will limit non-essential visitors and visits during the school day.
After-School Program
  • The 21 CCLC after-school program will operate for grades 4K-5, following same in-person guidelines.
  • Enrollment for the program is available starting August 24th. 
Additional Professional Development Planned
  • The school district will provide professional development that includes curriculum, mental health, technology, health & safety, and instructional best practices. This will be on-site for staff and substitutes, during predetermined summer days and August in-service to prepare staff for on-boarding students for the new school year. 

[will be offered for those students who are unable to attend on-site]
  • Synchronized learning
    • Will be an extension of the live classroom teaching and learning.
    • Remote learning instruction will be provided by a Southern Door teacher using district curriculum and resources unless family is enrolled full-time in Rural Virtual Academy.
    • Remote learners will be expected to follow specific etiquette  for remote learning and follow district acceptable guidelines.
    • Teachers will be sending a Google Meet invite for remote learners to attend during their normally-scheduled class time.
    • Attendance will be taken.
    • Google Classroom will be the educational platform.
  • Grading and reporting of grades will return to the district’s traditional reporting schedule.
  • School staff members will continue to do periodic check-ins with families who choose to continue with remote learning.
  • Please Note:  The Rural Virtual Academy has indicated that their program is full and they are no longer collecting names of a wait list.
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Should there be a need for the district to convert to remote learning for all students, staff will provide instruction during the usual school day via Google Classroom using district curriculum resources, following as much as possible, the regular school day schedule from their classroom (unless Safer at Home or other orders dictates otherwise).