Events, Athletics, and Activities

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Short-Term (July 1 - 19, 2020)

  • Process in place through Packerland Phase 1 agreement and designed by principals and athletic directors from the Packerland Conference. 
  • WIAA Summer Guidelines for participation and sport specific guidelines are in place. 
  • Process was  communicated with the Board of Education (June 22), approved by Packerland Superintendents (June 24), communicated to coaches (June 29),  and communicated to parents/athletes by video and email (June 30). Parameters outline sport participation for open gym, locker rooms, acclimation for fall sports for Phase 1.
Mid-Term (July 20 - August 9, 2020)
  • Process in place through Packerland Phase 2.
  • WIAA sport specific guidelines provide high, medium, and low-level risk levels as determined by public health and superintendent. Risk level will guide schools and coaches on specific activities that can take place, practice, and beginning of season guidelines, etc. Guidelines are found in WIAA Guidance for Summer Activities - sport specific guidelines, and any further updates from  WIAA. 
Long-Term (August 9 - September 1 and beyond) 
  • Process will be in place through Packerland Phase 3. 
  • Specific guidelines will guide continued acclimation into sports, guide competitions, game management,  etc. 
  • Guidelines will also anticipate current and upcoming sport seasons, and processes if cancellations are necessary because of risks. 
  • Integration of middle school sports will be considered during this time and will be in alignment with guidelines high school and WIAA.

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Co-Curricular Activities will follow a similar reopening process as athletics with identification of risk areas for participation.

After-School Program:
The 21CCLC after school program will operate for grades 4K-5 following the same guidelines for health & safety as outlined during the school day. 

Alternative Options will be planned to address Start of School Year Open House, Referendum Dedication & Open House, parent meetings, Parent Teacher conferences, etc.

Talon Fitness Center: For the health & safety of our students and their needs, the Talon Fitness Center is closed to the public until further notice. 

Visitors: The district will limit non-essential visitors and visits during the school day. 

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Coming:  Until further notice, in order to facilitate increased cleaning needs, requests by the public to use indoor facilities are on hold until a modified facility use process reflecting additional health & safety parameters is developed.