District Administration
Mr. Bousley - High School Principal
Mr. Desmond - Director of Pupil Services
Mr. Melotte - Business Manager
Mr. Peterson - Superintendent

Ms. Shimon - Middle School Principal & Curriculum and Instruction Director
Mr. Vandertie - Elementary Principal
Mr. Viste - Director of Transportation & Building and Grounds

School Staff
Ms. Bousley - K-12 Reading Specialist
Ms. Delaet - ES/MS Behavior Interventionist & Instructional Coach

Mr. Klopf - Technology Systems Manager
Ms. Marchant - District Assessment and Data Specialist
Deputy Luebker - School Resource Officer
School Nurse - District Nurse
Mr. Smithson - District Instructional Technology & Library Services Coordinator
Ms. Schultz - EL Coordinator
Ms. Nelson- School Counselor
Ms. Weldon - EL Coordinator

Grade 6
Ms. Isherwood
Ms. Pierre
Ms. Rodig
Ms. Spude

Language Arts
Ms. Pierre
Ms. Tupa
Mr. Zaleski

Mr. Dagit
Ms. Pichette
Ms. Rodig

Mr. Keller
Ms. Spude
Mr. Tupa

Social Studies
Ms. Georgia
Ms. Isherwood
Mr. Stuebi

Ms. Williamson

Tech Ed
Mr. Bruess

Ms. Mueller
Mrs. Pitzen

Mr. McCaulley
Mr. Nellis

Physical Education
Mr. Claflin
Mr. Kline
Ms. Wilken

Mr. Kline

Special Education
Ms. Jonet
Ms. Klonowski
Ms. Marx

Ms. Malnory

Family & Consumer Ed
Ms. Monfils

Keyboarding & Computer Applications
Mr. Shimon